Testing Services

The staff at PMIC is ready to meet any material testing need.  PMIC is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory with over 25 years of testing experience and an enthusiastic staff of professional engineers who will provide quality data and reporting.

IAS Certificate of Compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 and Accreditation Scope




PMIC performs testing to standard test methods wherever possible to ensure consistent results and reports for customers.  Although PMIC primarily performs testing to ASTM standards, testing to standards from ANSI, ASME, CINI, ISO, IPC, MIL, etc., have been completed at customer request.

PMIC accommodates specific industry standard and reporting requirements.  PMIC has developed special nuclear industry procedures to guarantee consistent and full reporting and can tailor a test plan’s specific procedure documentation for detailed quality requirements.



Included in the testing services pages are PMIC’s proven capabilities.  Every year these are extended further by meeting the challenges posed by new material requirements.  PMIC services a wide range of global industries for which the methodical development of Standard Test Methods cannot keep up.

The front lines of material, manufacturing, scientific, and technological development require accurate measurements, and PMIC is here to deliver.  PMIC regularly designs and executes experimental test plans for customers.  Systems are pushed to new limits of temperatures and tolerances, drawing from PMIC’s well of engineers, physicists, and mathematicians.

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One of the largest consumers of liquid helium on the West Coast, PMIC performs thermophysical testing and thermal cycling at temperatures as low as 88 K (-185 °C) using liquid nitrogen, and down to 4 K (-269 °C) using liquid helium.  PMIC is working towards standardizing testing for thermal expansion and thermal conductivity at temperatures greater than 1273 K (1000 °C), with non-standard capabilities at elevated temperatures available.  PMIC’s development of precision thermophysical testing at temperatures over 1673 K (1400 °C) continues as customer needs increase.



PMIC offers specimen machining and preparation for a majority of customer materials.  Partnering in-house machining capabilities with local high-quality machine shops, PMIC can make sure materials are ready for test to specific tolerances.  Specimen machining can add to overall lead time and cost.