Electrical Resistivity Testing

• ASTM D257 Standard Test Methods for DC Resistance or Conductance of Insulating Materials
• ASTM B193 Standard Test Method for Resistivity of Electrical Conductor Materials

Electrical resistivity is measured using the Tegam Model 1750 Microohmmeter. Configurations appropriate for a wide variety of sample geometries are used, including standard Kelvin 4-point probe connections for bulk bar-shaped samples, a collinear 4-point probe for thin films, wafers, and flat arbitrarily-shaped samples. Measurements have been made in the temperature range from 88 K to 296 K (-185 °C to 23 °C), and a furnace allows measurements up to 773 K (500 °C).

Surface resistance (Rs) can be measured in the range of 2 mΩ ≤ Rs ≤ 20 MΩ.

Volume resistivity (ρv) can be measured in the range of 10-6 Ω·cm ≤ ρv ≤ 109 Ω·cm.