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Additional Testing Services

PMIC understands that convenience and traceability are important to customers. Additional services are made available wherever space and time allow so that PMIC can assist customers with all their needs.


Progression of sample compression showing visual analysis of thickness changing by 0.252 mm.
Figure 1: Progression of sample compression. Nominal sample thickness in (1) is 0.85 mm, final compression thickness in (4) is 0.59 mm.

Vision system optics and electronics have been used to calibrate antenna structures, measure in-situ thickness as compression force and temperature are changed (Figure 1). Visual systems have also been used to record apparent changes during


Laser Michelson interferometry has been adopted at PMIC to record real-time amplitudes and phases of photodetector signals caused by microcracking, especially in composite materials when cooling. Amplitude analysis reveals the defect created (interlaminar matrix crack, fiber break, debonding, etc). Acoustic emission events are detected optically when thermal cycled and offer advantages over conventional acoustic emission techniques. Technical papers are available.


PMIC has used PZT based transducers at frequencies from 150 KHz to several MHz to measure elastic moduli of solids and to detect internal flaws.