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Mechanical Properties Testing

PMIC has performed at temperature testing of mechanical properties at a set temperature for over nineteen years.

PMIC can perform many mechanical tests using extensometers to measure changes in the length of specimens as a part of stress-strain measurements.  Strain gauges, sensors which deform as specimens deform and change their electrical resistance as a measurable indication of stresses, may also be used.

Mechanical testing parameters may include stress and strain, Poisson’s Ratio, Young’s Modulus, break detection, yield point, elongation, etc.  The United Testing Systems mechanical load frame is a versatile tool and PMIC has experience using the manufacturer’s wide selection of grips as well as custom-design grips for non-standard mechanical testing.

PMIC offers high-resolution metrology to enhance mechanical properties test results, as shown in Video 1.  Please see our Additional Services Services page for details about our optical systems.

Video 1: Specimen under compression load.  ARAMIS software shows deflection of espX and espY with real-time digital image correlation.